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If there’s an ultimate “Would You Rather” game, it should be SEO vs PPC. Both sides have insanely strong armies, and both work amazingly well when executed properly. So that got us thinking: With almost 500,000 results for pitting SEO and PPC against each other, why the heck wouldn’t you want them to work together? It’s like a jigsaw puzzle of bacon and eggs and peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have one without the other. Okay that’s a lie. Maybe you can have bacon solo. And maybe even a spoonful of peanut butter. But you get my point.

The truth is, SEO and PPC shouldn’t be battling each other. Instead they should be used in tandem, for an insanely powerful 1–2 marketing punch. That’s why we here at Yowza Design, to go over the different ways you can use both SEO and PPC to your advantage. No more battling. It’s time to make the SEO puzzle piece fit with the PPC one.

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Google SEO

Facebook Marketing

Yowza Design creates, manages and places ads on Facebook. In addition to ads, we also strategically and precisely boost posts such as: blogs, landing pages, photos and video.

Facebook advertising has become a tremendous opportunity for businesses to share their products and services. When used correctly, Facebook can be a valuable, efficient marketing asset. Through the strategic placement of well designed ads and content, your brand can be presented to a massive and interested audience.

By leveraging the tools available in the Facebook Ad Manager, efficient, effective, trackable campaigns and posts can be created. Through building fences around a precise market and targeting a specific demographic, rewarding results can be achieved with very little waste.

Google AdwordsGoogle SEO

Yowza Design provides Pay-Per-Click Services for local businesses and we take charge of building and managing your adwords account and its ad campaigns on a monthly basis. The budget that is allocated for Google Ads is paid for by the client. Therefore, a good bit of faith is placed on the us to make sure that your money is used as effectively as possible.

We make sure that keywords, bidding, ad copy, and location targeting have all been accounted for and we ensure better results with your Adwords campaigns through better campaign management. If you want your Adwords campaign to yield the results and sales leads that your company wants and needs, contact us.



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