Animation without Flash? Absolutely!!!!

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Static websites have their purpose in today’s web world. However, taking an interactive approach may be just what your website needs to captivate your target audience. Yowsa's developers will take your creative vision and turn it into a reality.

With the rise of iOS (Apple), modern mobile operating systems have made Flash no longer the best choice. The new standard is HTML5 which works on all modern browsers and all mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. HTML5 with CSS5 is the new standard of interaction – and fluid and well designed animations create immersing effects and favor intuitive interactions. Set a list into motion with a flick of the finger as if it had weight and inertia until it bumps against its end and bounces back a little.

User interaction is a powerful way to immediately capture the attention of website visitors and enhance website user experience. Effective website animations and graphic designs bring interactivity to a website and displays information in a unique and creative fashion that can promote the key messaging of a product, service or brand.

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